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Are car signs a worthy return over investment?

Get Business Leads With Car Signs

Ever needed to get right in front of customers without the expensive cost of paid ads. Ever thought it would be nice to let potential customers know what you do without having to speak to each one individually. Well, all of this can be possible when businesses choose the right marketing strategy. In this write up, we are going to talk about how you can reach potential clients with ease at a cheaper and more convenient way. So lets get started.
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Choosing The Right Car Sign Strategy

Businesses require some form of marketing to survive. Have it in mind that no single marketing option is an overall fit for any business. However, some strategies are bound to outperform others.
As markets become more competitive, businesses need to be at the top of their game with one aim in mind and that is to reach as many people as possible. Choosing the right mix of marketing ideas will determine if you succeed or fail as a business. As such, marketing strategies such as SEO and Paid Advertisements are a good way to market your brand, however they are an expensive challenge for many small businesses - firstly, due to the startup and ongoing costs attached to these forms of marketing, and secondly, the whole concept and implementation is very technical, thus will require an expert in that field to keep the process running.There are other simpler and less expensive ways to market your products and services, and this is through car signs commonly referred to as vehicle graphics. Did I just mention car signs? You sure heard right. As a matter of fact, signs are becoming increasingly popular as they remain the most viable option in promoting a brand for small and larger businesses.  According to the Small Business Association, “Signs are the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for the small business.

What Are Car Signs?

Car signs are marketing materials placed on cars or trucks that is aimed at promoting a business product or service. These signs include Bumper Stickers, Metal signs, Car Magnets, Car Wraps etc. Based on customer preference and other factors, one or more of these options are a good fit for businesses who want to keep costs down.  Moreso, a combination of these options is ideal if you want to reach a far wider audience. But this is a write up for another day.

Car Signs On The Move

When signs are placed on Tradie utes and trucks, or when stickers and magnets are put on vehicles, it turns them into mobile billboards that can be seen by thousands of people daily. In a recent report, The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics estimates about 2 million Australians commute for 90 minutes or more each day in 2016, many of them in Melbourne and Sydney. What that means is that the average driver is behind the wheels for about 360 hours or more every year. That is a lot of time to view signs on cars.

Return Over Investment

Lets say a business decides to go ahead to get a pair of car magnets for their vehicle. The pair costing only $73 excluding GST. What this means is that for the whole lifespan of that car magnet - which is about 3 years on the average. The business spends only $73/3= $24.33 per year for advertising. Now that is crazily cheap based on the amount of return that investment should produce.

So, if you are looking for a cheap, yet effective way to promote your new or existing business, do not hesitate to get started with a vehicle graphic of some sort. And depending on the size of your pocket, amount of flexibility you require and ease in application, getting a car magnet might be the best decision you have ever made.

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