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DIY Your Wall Art Like A Boss

DIY Your Wall Art Like A Boss
Ever dreaded the struggle of deciding on how to budget on wall art. Ever wanted a couple of wall art prints but you can't afford to fork out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get it. Well I could show you an easy way to DIY all your wall art prints thereby saving hundreds of dollars.
Couple of things you will require to get started.1. Images- You will require images. Websites such as Pixabay, unsplash and a couple of other allows users to download content for free. I personally use Pixabay.com because apart from being free, it allows users to know the image quality before downloading it. Other websites such as shutterstock.com contain tons of images but users will have to pay for them.
2. Poster Print- You will need a good art quality poster print. There are a couple of online shops that are able to provide that service. However, you need to ensure that it is a photoart quality print that has been printed on thick media. If unsure of what you are paying for, request a sample print from the online shop. Order a free sample print from us on our posters page after you signup with us..
Self Adhesive foam board- You will need a self adhesive foam board to mount your prints. You can get a cheap 3. self adhesive foam board from your local Office works store or check their online store here. These foam boards are cheap and will do fine if you require something short term. If you require something more longer lasting, I would advise you go for the nucore foam board.  Albeit being more expensive that the cheaper option you get at office works, the nucore foam has a laminated backing for greater rigidity. Greater rigidity means your wall art print will not easily suffer from physical damage when dropped. The Nucore foam board can be got online at artstoreonline.com.au.

Form board to munt posters in your DIY wall art project.
Poster foam board

4. Wood- The size of the wood you will require will depend on the size of your wall art. Two pieces of wood of about 18mm by 18mm or more thickness will need to be attached to the back of your mounting board. These woods will serve as a hanger for your wall art.
5. Glue- You will need glue to attach the pieces of wood to the back of your mounting board. Personally, I use the Tarzan's grip glue. I think it is a wonderful product due to the fact that it bonds to stuff instantly and firmly. This product can be got from your local Bunnings store or you can order online.

Great Glue if you want to attach wood at the back of your foam board. This adhesive is a great item for people who would like to DIY their own wall art.
Glue for DIY wall art

6. Craft knife- You will need a utility knife to cut any excess material off. Craft knives are inexpensive, they can be got from your local Office works or Bunnings Store.
Weights- You will need about two or more not so heavy objects to provide a hinge so that the poster paper does not move during the installation process. Any object lying around your home will do. Just ensure that it isn't to heavy as this will leave an indentation on art posters. Also ensure that the object is placed and removed carefully so that it doesn't scratch the print surface.

Real life Application video
There are a couple of free youtube videos on how to do the actual mounting of the prints: I personally will recommend this video. See here.
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