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Why Corflutes Are a Cheap And Easy Way to Advertise Your Business

With many businesses, acquiring advertising signs can be a hassle. There can be so many factors to consider, that is why having a general idea of what corflute signs serve as will allow you make an informed decision on how to reap ts benefits.

By definition, corflute signs are a cheap and easily customizable plastic substrates that allows us to print any marketing messages, directional signs, images or text that can be cut to any size and shape.

What advantage do corflute signs have over other signage types.
  1. Corflutes signs are cheap and can be used both outdoor and indoors.
  2. Corflutes signs can be easily cut into random shapes.
  3. Corflute signs are lightweight, yet sturdy enough to be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  4. Corflute signs are recyclable.
What determines the cost of corflute signs?

The single most important factor that determines the cost is the print method being used. There are two ways in which your corflute signs can be produced.

  • Printed Vinyl: Overlaying printed vinyl over blank corflute sheets.  This is the most expensive out of both methods of printing corflutes, as it requires an extra process and materials. The extra costs of vinyl and laminate increases the overall cost which is later passed on to the customer. However, the result is a durable product that is scratch resistant due to the protective overlaminate.


  • Direct UV print: This is our preferred method. It is the cheapest of the two methods as it eliminates the need for the vinyl and the laminate. As well, it eliminates the extra work involved in laying printed vinyl over corflute blanks. With the direct UV method, the low cost of printing these corflutes are passed on to the customer.  Depending on the ink and equipment being used, UV printed corflutes signs can be scratch resistant. Remember, not all inks or machines are created equal. Scratch resistant corflute signs requires high quality inks and an efficient curing system that ensures that the inks comes out well cured. In that case, choosing the right company while focusing on cost is an important factor when going for UV printed corflute signs.
How are corflute signs easy to use?

Corflute signs are lightweight and can be easily hung on fences, glued or nailed to walls. It is easy to make holes in them however, an easier way will be for us to provide eyelets at a cheap cost so that you don't have to go through the hassle of making untidy holes through your sign.

Due to its plastic nature, corflutes can be cut to any shape such as circular, rectangular, squares etc. Our flatbed cutter is able to handle such requests with ease with perfect cuts each time.

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